Personal Pension Plan

What is a Personal Pension Plan?

Personal Pension Plan, PPP

Personal Pension Plan or PPP is a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, or Defined Contribution Plan, established by an incorporated company with unique tax advantages to enhance retirement income for the shareholder-employee owner of the company.

Profile of Suitable Candidates

Incorporated professionals such as:

  • Real Estate agents
  • Doctors, etc.
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Owners of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations

*NOTE: The shareholder employee must be receiving T-4 income from the corporation.

Why go with a PPP®?

*PPP is a registered trademark of INTEGRIS Pension.

  • Up to 40% higher annual eligible contribution than with RRSP
  • Tax deductible direct from corporation
  • Ability to make tax-deductible contributions for past years of service
  • Up to seven new deductions from administration and other costs
  • Defined annual growth rate 7.5% and deductible top up opportunities if market downturn or sabbatical
  • Existing RRSPs can be rolled into the registered Pension Plan
  • Multi-family member pension beneficiaries
  • Eases sale of business, generational succession wind-up or estate settlement
  • Creditor protection of pension assets (some caveats apply)
  • Corporate assets moved tax deductible to personal pension plan in trust for beneficiaries
Personal Pension Plan, PPP

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